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HESI A2 Nursing Entrance Exam study helps online FREE

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Very Cool! I have also ordered the study book, but at least now I have some idea as to what I really need to pay attention to, but that's not to say I wont be studying all of it!! Thanks a million! :yeah::bow::bowingpur

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you are so welcome! I'm in the same boat :)

that first link is very helpful! i take my test tomorrow!

been studying the guide as well as past notes...

When do you have to take this exam? (not you personally, of course, just in general)

is this the HESI test that BCC will be implementing.. OMG its HARD!!!!!!! I ahve to get in before they start this

Thank you! I don't take the test until Jan or Feb but I need to brush up on my math.

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I was searching around and came across this free guide to the HESI A2, I haven't really looked over it too much yet but it looks beneficial as well as legitimate. Check it out, let me know if it's worth while. It has Chemistry, Biology, Reading Comprehension, Math, A&P sample questions ,also has links to sites for more help. Enjoy!


THANK YOU!!! this is by far the best information out there yet. I just glanced over it, but still it was good solid information!

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No Problem, That's what we are all here for. I'm glad it will help! It's really unfortunate that there isn't more information out there. Everywhere I look, I always find links to the "Hesi A2 secrets guide" which I have heard isn't much help. Goodluck!

Thank you and best of luck to all of you future nurses!! : )

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Hi, I too am taking the Hesi Entrance Exam. Bought the Hesi study guide but heard a lot of bad reviews about it- basically, it didn't cover a lot of the information that is needed to take the test.

If ANYONE has a Hesi practice test or study guide...I would be so appreciative if you can send it to me or let me know where to get one.

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I am looking for the test guide as well, I take my exam in 3 weeks and have been out of the class room for quite some time can someone please help me find the HESI entrance review beacuse I have gone to all the sites posted and have had no luck!! PLEASE HELP:crying2:

i am really nervous about this HESI A2 exam, how long of a dedicated study time do you recommend?

Hi everyone, just an update, as of June 14, 2010, I am now an official Nursing student - Praise God!!

Also, my sister in law and I scored pretty good scores on the Hesi entrance exam, but we studied for 2 weeks straight- literally. And I bought 3 Nursing entrance exam books to also get a feel and a review for what will be on the test. These books are essential in my opinion. There's a lot of things we were taught in school, but these books remind you of a lot of what you might have forgotten, so I can't stress enough- buy some Nursing entrance exam books to help prepare for this test!

Best of luck to you all!! : )

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I used several study guides, and I feel that left me well prepared. Search here for threads about HESI, PAX, and TEAS tests. They will all be the same material. All of the math is GED-level arithmetic and some algebra.

TEAS® Exam Practice Questions - Help your Test of Essential Academic Skills™ Score with free unofficial Preparation Materials for the TEAS® Test is a free site.

HESI admission assessment book from evolve/reach company, and I think that book pretty well covered the PAX material, too. The language skills stuff in PAX and HESI is almost identical. I relied on the chemistry & science stuff in there, too. ISBN 978-1-4160-5635-5 http://WWW.ELSEVIERHEALTH.COM

TEAS Test Study Guide Reviews TEAS Exam Practice Tips TEAS Secrets but what I got out of it that wasn't duplicated elsewhere was test-taking strategies and shortcuts to analyze the questions and cut some time off choosing answers.

Cliff's TestPrep Nursing School Entrance Exam , ISBN 978-0-7646-5986-0, Wiley a good reference for $16

Cliff'sStudySolver Biology ISBN 0-7645-5842-0. Paid $3.99 for it at some discount outlet store here. Good reference because it covers both plants and animals.

physics4kids.com and in the right-hand margin there's also links to there other sites (i.e. biology4kids, chemistry4kids, etc.)

Storefront Home

- this is a link to their official study manual from their online store $34.95

http://regentsprep.org/ - New York Regent's Exam prep home page. They cover a number of subjects: math, English and several sciences

Table of Contents - links to reviews of math and science basic information

http://www.tpub.com/content/armymedical/MD0904/index.htm but I don't recall what's in it.

maybe some of http://homeschooling.gomilpitas.com/explore/anatomy.htm

Some of those links may be redundant or whatever. I culled them from this board a while ago.

Hi Deniseronaldpolite, I took the Hesi already, and I can tell you that when I was preparing for this exam, I bought 3 different nursing entrance exam books along with the Hesi study book. These books are great for reviewing things you might have forgotten and learning things you might not have known. It really doesn't matter which nursing entrance exam books- they are all cummalitive tests and study guides that deal with material that will be covered on the Hesi exam.

Hope that helps! I wish you all the best!

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