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Hello all,

I am interested in online FNP programs. I have looked at many schools and one being Herzing University for the FNP program. I talked with the advisor and the program is accredited and strictly online. Have any of you attended the school? Is it a good school? Are any of you joining the January 2018 cohort? Any input is much appreciated!

Thank you.


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Hello EH,

I have 3 clinicals left to graduate with my MSN-FNP. I started in summer 2016. It was very easy to get in. I'll say that the school started off with a bang with constant emails and communications but then in the last year there was a lot of changes with staff and the emails kinda dwindled down.

My counselor was great. He responded immediately to my emails. Like all schools you have your good & bad professors, mentors, and staff.

I really like the school over - all. The classes are online and only 7.5 weeks long but you have to go to clinicals and find your own preceptors. It's only 135 hours for each clinical for five clinicals in New Jersey. I would recommend this school to friends and family.

Thank you for the reply!

I am located in Colorado, and am going to start in January. The biggest worry I have is finishing preceptors. How did you find yours? Through connections or networking?


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Hello again EH,

You're very welcome!

Well, I had a hard time finding a preceptor initially because I had already asked 3 providers in the hospital I was working in to find out at almost the last minute that you cannot do your clinicals where you work.

I was very upset and asked the school to help me find one and the Regional coordinator did. After that I started asking my colleagues and coworkers if they new of a good provider and either they asked for me or they gave me contact information and I called them and asked if they were interested in being my preceptor.

The school wants the preceptors info 6 months or more in advance because they have to check them out. You need to upload there resume signed, plus an agreement. The school will send the hospital or facility an Affiliation Agreement.

I would suggest to start now looking for preceptors, you need 5. Health assessment, Adult health, Pediatric health, Women's health, and Geriatrics. Ask me anything else. I am more than happy to help. Good luck!



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Hi Rocruzrn,

Thanks for your post! I spoke to Herzing today and am interested in starting soon. I see you did your clinical is NJ, which is where I would be doing it. I have some questions but to start, could you please let me know where you did your clinical... in case I run into any issues finding a preceptor


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Hello EH and Rocruzrn,

Thank you for the posts. I am also researching FNP programs and am considering Herzing. Rocruzrn, your input would be especially appreciated in regards to employment prospects. Have you encountered any bias again Herzing because of its for-profit status/relatively easy admission criteria? I think it would be the best route for me but my biggest concern is that some employers (fairly or not) don't think highly of it. I have a friend that is a nurse recruiter and she candidly told me that she passes over candidates from Herzing & similar schools. This terrifies me that I will put forth the money and effort for nothing. But I also understand that different people have different opinions.....

I am in the Madison area and the larger public schools have great reputations but are highly competitive. I would be very grateful for your feedback and insight as a current student.

Thank you!!!


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Hi, I am in NJ and I have MSN in nursing education, currently looking for an online school for post-msn. I see that Herzing University offer this program. I wanted to know what made you choose this particular school? I have never heard of it before. I am very worried about not being able to find preceptors on my own.


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Hi nursingon,

I also had not heard of Herzing until recently moving here from another state. There is a nearby brick and mortar location that I heard RN students reference, so I began to look further. Frankly, part of the attraction is that it is accredited, competitively priced, and very easy to apply (no recommendation letters, no GRE, no essays/writing samples, etc.). Obviously, those factors do not supersede a solid program that provides good preparation, but it is part of my consideration.

As for preceptors, from what I have found in speaking with others and forums like this, almost all programs will require the student to find his/her own preceptors. This is potentially the most challenging part of the process. However, if you are currently working and utilize all your networking/contacts perhaps it won't be too difficult? There are numerous post-master's options so I would suggest you look until finding a program that feels like a good fit.

Best of luck to you!


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E.H. and Rocruzrn,

I will begin my post-masters FNP July 7th. My clinicals will start the fall term. Curious to know if they have contracts with certain facilities you only have to choose from to find a preceptor? Or, if any facility (besides the one you work) is free game to find a preceptor? Also, any helpful hints or heads up, would be appreciated. Excited and nervous, all at once!


I am a RN and was wondering about the Herzing University FNP online program, how are the classes online? Do you have to buy any textbooks? Also I will be near denver Colorado, and am worried about finding preceptors? Any word on that and how that works? When I spoke to the advisor they told me they help you find preceptors but I’m not sure if that’s true.


Hey Ashleigh!

sorry I never get on the forum and it’s been over a year!

I just graduated from Herzing and absolutely loved it! Thought the professors were amazing and wanted you to succeed! The only thing is you have to find your preceptors. I networked through LinkedIn and got my preceptors that way! But they prepare you for the certification exam and our cohort all passed this year! Also they reimburse you The fee if you pass on the first try !

I just got a job in Colorado as a new grad :) you can do it!!

@ Eh.walker

How are the courses set up at Herzing? Is it discussion post, group projects, papers, quiz/exam proctored? I'm looking at them to start in January.

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