Here's a lovely news story about something that happened in a local ED


the first paragraph:

Police are searching for an escaped Montgomery County Jail inmate after a fatal shooting early this morning at the Montgomery Regional Hospital.

i dont work at this hospital. This is a small/medium hospital, though, 146 beds. an HCA facility.

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How awful. I hope the guy is caught soon.

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Holy cow! That is just awful! I can't even begin to imagine a co-worker that you work with that closely being killed like that! That would be so horrid!

And the other patients and family members there at the time? I would hate to think of the fear that they felt!

I hope they catch this person immediately!


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Oh, wow. That's such a sad story. I hope that they can complete this investigation to ensure that this does not happen again.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family members involved in this tragedy. Hopefully this guy will be caught VERY soon.

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This story in little ol tiny Blacksburg, VA made CNN. Same man shot and killed a police officer this morning. Was captured this afternoon.

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