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I need your help please with a case study of a gentleman (myself, Cosmo Kramer) who has noticed to his horror a significant amount of blood in his semen the last two times he has ejaculated (each episode being a couple days apart).

The concern of course is where is this blood coming from? ...no blood in the urine at all and no pain upon urination or ejaculation...going to see a primary care doc when I can but hoping for your help in the meantime please this is more terrifying than Michael Myers.

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Sorry we can't give medical advise. Please see your doctor.

yeah, thanks anyway I guess it beats a response like "well you probably have prostate cancer" or "yeah, your member will probably fall off any day now" :dncgbby:

google blood in semen and you should get some answers.sorry that we can't give medical advise..I do remember looking this same info up for a caller when I worked for an ask a nurse call center and it seems from whatt I can recall it is relatively benign believe it or not.

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To quote a physician at my facility after hearing similar symptoms described, "Prostatitis is the common cold of the pelvis." Of course, I have no idea what else he looked for to rule out the really bad stuff. Go see your doc.

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Being female I can't fully understand, but I do get that seeing blood when and where you don't normally see it is terrifying. However, according to the terms of service of this website, we can't diagnose nor give advice to you here, so I have to close this thread. I do hope you are able to see your doc soon, and wish you the best.

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