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in regards to infection control....i hope this information is helpful:

first: you must know the mode of transmission (respiratory, fecal-oral, bloodborne, contaminated food, etc.) for the various diseases in order to understand the precaution!!!

** if you have the saunders nclex-rn comprehensive review book (4th edition), the infection control information is located on page 191-193. you can review infection control and chemical warfare agents.

** the cdc website is:

on the right-hand side under isolation guideline excerpts you will see the 4 precautions (airborne, contact, droplet and standard).

** an au government health link is:$file/part%204%20final.pdf

i would pay close attention to chapter 27-overview of diseases on pages 5-16. there are a wonderful set of charts (begins at page 9) that breaks down the various diseases by mode of transmission and recommended precautions. it even provides precautions for pregnamt women and immunizations. these pages include the information located within the saunders text---plus more!!! good idea to print these 12 pages to review/recall the various diseases/conditions and their isolation status.

i think most of you will find the pages within the australian government health link to be most helpful -- especially if you use it along with the saunders text -- because the information is contained within a table format.

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