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Help... at wit's end with my nursing program


Hi Everyone:

I've written other threads asking for help from ye wise ole nurses about my predicaments and you've all been so helpful. So I'm wondering if anyone has any advice about yet another crappy situation I'm having with my school...

Clinicals (after having gone through 2 previous instructors) are still a disaster. Meaning nothing happens. We just got another replacement instructor and we do nothing. We sit around a table for about 9 hours and don't practice any procedures. We don't really touch patients. We don't take care of patients. We don't do anything. He keeps saying that we will do stuff. And every day, we don't.

I'm at my wits end. This semester we've already gone through one instructor who robbed us of hours by ending classes hours early. And then one who was great, but was just a substitute, a temp. Now we have this new guy and we are literally back at square one. I am about to quit this program. I've spent so much money already but now I'm just so angry that we are not doing anything.

And yes, I've told the dean, the administration, asked for a transfer to another clinical. Nothing, they can't or won't do anything.

Any advice on what I should do?

(I want to quit and start again in another state because I plan on moving to the Illinois anyway...)

Thanks on any advice,


llg, PhD, RN

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1. Make sure you get a committment from some of your classmates to back you on whatever course of action you choose to take

2. Take your complaints up the school's chain of command -- all the way to the top, if necessary

3. If the school does not fix the problems ... report them to the Board of Nursing and whatever accreding agency they have used

4. Talk to an attorney about the possibility of suing them for cheating you

5. Make plans to transfer to a better school

What school is this??? :unsure: How close are you to finishing?


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Our very first day of clinicals we were thrown in to shadow CNAs. The second day we had our own patient we were responsible for and had to answer call lights.

They are cheating you of valuable experience that you paid for.

lifelearningrn, BSN, RN

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I read a little on your past threads and I think you've kind of had a lot of issues with this program from the go. I'm guessing this is one of those for-profit tech schools? Which means you've probably spent upwards of 50K or more on this degree? Chances are it is going to be money wasted, because I doubt any of the earned credits will transfer to other programs.. At this point, I think you should suck it up for the next few months and get the degree. Do you really want to throw that kind of cash out the window? Also remember, if you're borrowing it, you likely wont be able to continue to borrow, as there are limits to how much you can borrow for an undergraduate degree.

Stick it out.. or don't.. but remember, ALL these programs suck to a certain extent-- NO nursing school is perfect. I go to a respected school, and let me tell you it has it's B.S... a lot of it.

Just get through. Why start over somewhere else when you're so close?

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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ask for your money back and report them to the Board of Nursing. They have a contract with you (in your syllabus and school catalog). You are losing valuable time and money.