HELP!! Where can one obtain experience!!


ok, here it goes-i am a recent lpn grad and i have applied for several jobs in my area(mostly ltc facilities) and they all want me to have at least one year of experience! where does one go to work as a new grad to obtain this experience!!!:banghead: i have given up 3 years of my life to obtain this stinking license and i can't find a job!!:cry: please if anyone has any ideas please let me know!!!:wink2: this is so frustrating!!:redbeathe:nurse::redbeathe


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Are you willing to work any shift? Part-time? Full-time?

Call home health agencies to see if they have anything available for LPNs.

Are there any hospital jobs that require medical background but aren't in nursing?

I had a really hard time finding a job, too. Keep applying and good luck.


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I feel your pain! Just graduated myself July 11th of this year, been putting in job ap's before I get my license. I was told I would be taken more seriously AFTER I get my license. Everyone seems to want experience, except a certain agency which I wouldn't work for after reading some not too nice things about.

Hang in there, all the rest of the LVN's had to start someplace......

Good luck in your search.:up:

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Here in Massachusetts, new grad LPN's are scooped up quickly! Before I passed the NCLEX last week, I already had 3 job interviews lined up. One of my friends started working as an LPN even before she took the NCLEX! Hopefully, you'll find something soon. Good luck!


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Hi all,

Here in Florida, I'm having the same problem. I finished in June, Licensed in July and applied to over 20 places and employers tell me to come and fill out an application and after an hour of wasting my time they tell me they want experience or will call and never do. I got a per diem job as an LPN but need a full time job. So dissappointed! If no one hires I don't know where to get experience either.

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Try applying where you've had clinicals. Most of my graduating class ended up with jobs at our clinical sites, including me. I started on 3rds which was good because that shift allowed me to "ease" into nursing, and helped me to develop critical thinking skills and learn the paperwork, policies and procedures of my facility in a less stressful environment. Starting on 1st would have been akin to being thrown out of a boat to learn to swim. I personally would have sunk like a stone. Get letters of reference from your instructors if possible. You will find a job, as it is out there somewhere. Most of the facilities in my area also state "one year experience" in ads, but will hire new grads anyway. Chin up! And good luck with your nursing career.


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Hey MissMila, what type of per diem work did you get? I graduated in March of this year, passed my NCLEX in July, and have been applying like crazy! and nothing so far. I do contract work doing health screenings in corporate settings, but it's very intermittent. I was thinking of joining Maxim b/c they have been calling me and saying that they have positions for new grads at schools......i'm in the Bay Area, CA. I have no previous healthcare experience other than school (and my clinical sites are all an hour away from me). Someone hire me!!! haha (that's how i feel)


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Hi BA.LVN.. I am a BSN graduate and I also wanted to work in a hospital setting. Been looking for work for almost a year but havent had any luck. Im also located at the bay area.

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