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Help!!!!!! What do i do?


Hey everybody, I've always wanted to be in health care. Nursings always been my passion. I did alot of volunteering in high school. I went to a local nursing home every friday and did activitys with some of the residents and I was a PE helper, where I helped the special ed kids with gym.

I started my CNA class, I'm doing so good with the written test. I have like a A- average in the test part but when it comes to labs I flake out. I see the procedure being done by my instructor and my classmates and it looks so easy, but once its my turn it all goes blank and i start to sweat.

We did scenerios today, where we get tested on our skills. I had to do ambulating and oral care, which I was gone when we did ambulating and oral care, I'm pretty good at.

But I flaked, I started sweating and shaking and my instructor kept on giving me dirty looks.

She sat me down after class and told me what I did wrong, she didn't do this with anybody else.

Clinical Orientations and the written test is thursday, and clinicals start friday.

This is a short 3 week accelerated class, and i just don't know what to do.

I want this more than anything, but i just don't know what to do

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Did you tell her you know the steps, but you freaked out? Or does she just think you're not taking the labs seriously?

I've gotten straight As since kindergarten (lol), but like you, when it comes to real-world stuff I get very nervous and flustered. If you want to make it through your clinicals you'll have to at least get comfortable doing labs in class first. Take a deep breath, tell the instructor that you're nervous, and talk yourself through it... out loud.


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well this is either going to be annoying or somewhat helpfull, i am just recently getting into my CNA course, starting in about a month, and im freaking out on what hasnt happened yet but sounds very similar to what i am freaking out about as of now. my advice as an outsider is take as much as you can in, and ask alot of questions, along with, can you do any of these at home? within reason? got a family member you can possible be like, "hey i need to practise this, let me brush your teeth" (lol) and then when it comes to doing it with an audience, you will seem pro ;) just know this, your not the only one thats freaking out, i havent even been there yet and im already scared, anxious and very nervous but extremely excited for whats to come. :)


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My advice for you is to stay calm. Use common sense and let it come natural to you. Of course there is always the "Official" way your school teaches you but you rarely go "by the book" in the real world.

Lab skills is pretty simple.

you have your opening procedure, skill, and closing procedure.

If you make a mistake you can always TRY AGAIN. Don't get frustrated and freak out. just relax and let it come naturally to you. Since you already have experience caring for the elderly and special needs children, let it apply to your nursing skills.

If you have any trouble the last thing you want to do is say nothing. Ask your teacher or a classmate. ask for a demonstration. volunteer to attempt a new skill first. These are the kind of things that show initiative and you will learn it in no time.:cool:

shawnieboy, first know that u are awesome for taking this step into this amazing field, u are in the process of pursuing ur goal, some of which have already been accomplished!! for that pat yourself on the back, and know u have what it takes to be an excellent nurse!!! in saying this know you have the confidence to do this!! im not in cna class as of yet but what works for me in nerve wracking situations is block a any distractions out of ur mind and just do the task u have set before u, i know easier said than done as i am an outsider but try it and before u know it u will hear ur fellow cna students cheering 4 u

Hello I have the same problem in fact I shoked up during my cna skills exam. I flunked the first time I bet you are a little shy. just try imagining you are alone with the patient,tune everyone else out I know you can do it!:up::yeah:

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The best thing you could do is practice at home.

I have already been through my class and I know your exact feelings! You sit and watch everyone else do it, thinking this isn't that hard, but when it's your turn to get up there, you don't even know what the first step is!

I was given a booklet at the beginning of class that had all of the skills in it with each step for every one. Do you have one of those? Each one had the same first 3 steps: Greet the resident & introduce yourself, wash hands, and explain the procedure. They also ended with the same 3: Call light, wash hands, and record & report. That's 6 steps out of a 20-step skill that you won't have to worry about so much.

When you are at home, practice these skills. *Say them out loud.* If you don't have anyone to practice with, use a BARBIE!! She won't laugh at you, I promise, and they start out at $5. Get a wash rag for a blanket, and spend another $5 on an outfit if she doesn't have one already.

I took one with me on my way to my exam because I couldn't practice in the car.

Once you know your skills, it will be easier and you won't freeze up so much. You have a good heart and will make a great nurse. You can do this!!

I'm looking forward to a post from you that says you volunteered to be the first to try a new skill and blew them all away!

Good luck!


Go with the easy way to remember it: K-WIPE

Knock on the door

Wash hands

Introduce yourself

Provide for privacy

Explain the procedure

Typically I would introduce myself and tell the pt what I was there for before I washed my hands, but this is just the way that you can run through it quickly in your head.

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