HELP! Were are the nursing jobs for new nurses in georgia?

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As recently as last month Dekalb Medical Center was holding open houses for new grads. Did you try them?


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Dekalbs new grad program is closed at this time. I believe the fall is the next round. Piedmont has the waiting list open.

Try Atlanta Medical Center and Grady. Make sure you go in person to both and meet HR and the manager of the unit. With all the competition out there you have to make an impression.

Good Luck!

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St. Joseph's has many listings for new grads.

Best of luck!



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this is a copy and paste reply from another post by me.

new grad,

i am also a new grad. i posted my frustration on i graduated in dec. 2008. i had applied to every hospital within an hour away. i was frustrated, disillusioned and broke. then i decided to be more assertive. i called two of the hospitals i had applied online with and spoke with the hr/nurse recrutier. the first one talked with me for about 10 minutes. i explained my frustration to her and she was very nice. she then asked me which area i was most interested in since i had applied for every residency position listed. i had about 8 positions pending with my application. i told her icu was my preferrence and she said, "i will print out your application and resume and make sure you get one of the interviews for the icu residencies." i was very excited. so i called another hospital i had applied to asked them if they would please print my application and resume out and send it to the floor managers. she was just as nice and said she would send it that day. apparently she did, because the next week a floor manager from hospital #2 called and offered me an interview. i went and got the job. so, my advice to all my fellow new grads; be more assertive, attempt to stand out from the hundreds of other new grad applicants. call hr and follow up with your applications. it will pay off, i am living proof.

i know how you are feeling. i was very disappointed too, but keep at it...something will happen. good luck.


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Thank you for the tips. I will definitely adopt them, and make them part of my strategy.


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Thank you to all the nurses for all your suggestions.:yeah:

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