Help!! 4 weeks and I've heard nothing!!!

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I took the 8 yr- retake as I took off many years to raise my four children. I took a 4 week online Saunders course passed every quiz and test, took a CAT NCLEX type test and it shut off at 75 and I passed. I took the CA NCLEX RN on June 16th it shut off at 75 or 76. I thought it was hard but that I must have passed because I certainly would not have tanked so badly to have it shut off so early! Well everyday I check the BON site nothing. After two weeks I called and she asked if I checked the site and I said yes, daily and was told my record was COMPLETE!! Two more weeks have passed. Today is 4 weeks to the day, I called and he said my record was complete and I should hear soon. That was it! Should I assume I actually failed because it has taken so long? Getting very despondent!:cry:

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Yikes. I saw my licensure on the CA BRN website 3 days after taking the NCLEX. It sounds like a major computer glitch. That is very unusual. You should even get a mailed confirmation and your license by now...:rolleyes: I wonder if Arnold's replacing several of the BRN big wigs has anything to do with that.:down:

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I did finally hear...I passed! I guess 8 yr re-takes were all handled by one person who had been "out" for an extended time. I was actually told over the phone because it had been 4 weeks and a day. I received a follow up call from BRN apologizing for the delay and received my card in the mail a few days later. Glad that is over!:yeah:

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