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I am currently a 41yr old medical assistant with no college credits but would like to attend Nursing School . I am a single mom so would have to work while attending school. Not sure of I should look for a program thru a hospital Hospital that will pay me to go to school while I work for them in Corpus Christi, TX , Fort Worth TX, Nashville TN, or Columbus OH or if I should attend an online school or community college. Any advice would be so helpful. I don't even know where to start. Thanks so much

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Your first step is to investigate some schools you are interested in and find out their General Education requirements. Nearly every one is going to want English, Anatomy & Physiology and some kind of Math. Start with those basics at the community college level while you sort out the rest out. You can do that very part-time while you save up for school (Hospitals don't pay you to go to school- some offer partial tuition reimbursement after you've worked for them a while- that's about the best you can hope for honestly.)

consider also doing the LPN route. Faster and gets you working and making a living wage quicker.

Do your due diligence. Do not fall for the scammy for-profit schools that litter the landscape. Is there a nurse you know who might be willing to help you with this process? Because you are in the 'don't know what you don't know' phase- and it is EASY to fall prey to the scammers.

Agree with above post! I would get on your pre reqs at the community college, those alone can take two years. While doing those pre reqs talks to peers, instructors, advisors for advice. Agree on the above don't fall into the trap of for profit factory mill schools you will end up with loads of debt! Best of luck to you!

I would take ALL of your prereqs before starting a nursing program, especially have your micobiology out of the way, even if they tell you that you can take it while taking fundamentals. If you are on some sort of scholarship that causes you to take extra class hours, be sure to take something easy like exercise class or something. Nursing school is a lot harder than your prereq classes and you will need all the study time you can. And don't work more than two days a week.

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