Help with understanding when to use hypo or hyper IV solutions.


I have an exam on F&E on Monday and I have been told that there's a lot of questions about when to use which solution. Anyone have any pointers or any help at all. My instructors notes leave a lot to be desired. He expects use to do most of the research ourselves, so here I am. lol


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I cannot specifically answer your question but, here is how I remember:

I think of isotonic solutions being like what the body already has

Hyper is to add to (so I think of more solutes being added to regular fluid)

Hypo is less (so I think of taking solutes away from what we have)

So... 0.9 Normal Saline is isotonic (normal like your body) you add anything to it and it is hypertonic you take anything away and it is hypo. Just memorize your isotonic solutions (I think there are like 3 regular) and then if you see anything added or removed you will know what it is.

Like D5 ½ NS (you added D5 to NS so its hypertonic)

I hope I did not make this more confusing for you...


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Hypertonic solutions pull fluid from the tissues to reduce edema.

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