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Help! I'm a BSN who's been working in the healthcare field for seven years, but away from the bedside for 4 years working for for a medical device company teaching and working in the EP Lab, Cath Lab, and OR assisting in implanting pacemakers, defibrillators, and CRT devices (among many other patient foused responsibilities). I'm trying to get a night RN position in NYC (where my husband is being relocated bac to) because I now need to be home during the days to care for our son who's been sick, but I'm finding it difficult to get in the door for an interview. I have friends in units who refer me, but then I'm stopped at the nurse recruiters telling me I don't have the qualifications required for positions that new grads are getting. Anyone have any suggestions??

I also have a BSN and in medical device, Im getting the same response down here in So Fla, the best response given to me is to take a refresher course

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The new grads are getting the positions because the positions are set up for the new grad specifically because of the difficulty they have getting in the door.

Keep going and apply to other places. Where I come from it is who you know in many instances but doesn't sound like it's working out there. I would think that LTC facilities would be more apt to hire then the hospitals and nights is the one shift that is always open. It's a rigorous road but they pay union in most instances. Good luck.

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What units are you applying for? You might need to start at a lower acuity than you would like to prove yourself. Just be honest with recruiters and ask where they see you working.

Thank you for all your suggestions. I'll have to look into the refresher course and LTC. I'm applying in units where I have experience, pediatrics (previous clinical experience at CHOP), ED, and cardiac units because I know cardiology and electrophysiology like the back of my hand - but still no luck. I've seen it's definitely who you know because a friend of mine works in the Burn Unit in NYC and her manager said she'd give me a job, but I definitely know the Burn Unit isn't for me...but then when I gave my resume to that hospital's HR department they didn't even want to interview me for a position in another unit. It's very discouraging. Thank you for your advice though!!

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