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Hey everyone. I am looking for hints for training a nurse to labor and delivery. This one is not your typical nurse she has been an RN recovery nurse for 3 years but the past 2 years she has done QA things so she hasn't touched a patient in 2 years. it is sort of like starting over with someone completly new with no expeirnece in some instances. she has only started one iv in the past 15 years a new grad at least has had nusing school recently but she has also had fairly recent experience granted more than 2 years doing recoveries both mom and baby. Any suggestions

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training a nurse with some experience is both easier and more difficult that a new grad. the good news is she already knows how to be a nurse. she just needs to learn the skill set unique to your workplace. start with a list of skills she needs to learn -- ivs, assessment skills, etc. make a list so you can check them off as she accomplishes them. and remember that there are things you can learn from her. have fun!


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The advantage of this situation is that you could sit down and discuss with her what areas she feels uncomfortable with and together work out a procedure guid in those areas thus helping both of you to evaluate the need and level of training required


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As a recent orientee I would say the most important thing is to have a written plan of some sort with regular reviews to monitor progress and get feedback from preceptor and preceptee. You could even have her provide feedback as to what should be included since she does have some experience. Have a list of minimum requirements to complete orientation and check them off as you go. My orientation did not have any of the above and it would have made it a much better experience.


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Your unit should have a specific plan or outline covering all the specific skills a new orientee should be expected to be able to perform by the end of orientation. It should be formalized guide that both you and orientee sign off on as she progresses, to go into her employee file when done.

Use this guide, as the hospital expects you to anyhow. If a particular skill is one the orientee has already mastered elsewhere, all you need to is observe her performing this and check her off and move on.

Your manager or charge nurse should be able to help you out with this process.

Good luck.

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