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help! took the nclex-pn 2x and sadly failed

by rnaz rnaz (New) New

i am an lvn graduate. i already took the nclex-pn 2x and sadly failed, twice as well! i was wondering if anyone can get me tips and advices about what book i should read, what nclex (refresher) school (near san diego and chula vista,ca.) i can go and if it's advisable to even go to one, what disc to study, and what other preps i should do and consider.

it's been a year and a half already since i graduated. i am getting frustrated already and wanting it so bad. to make matters worst, well it's not that bad at all, but i have a 1y/o baby that i have to take care of. my heart is ready to take it but my mind is getting into me... thinking of negative thoughts about not passing it again.

so please... is there anyone there who could help me/advice me on what i should do!!!



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The best advice I can give you is , relax think and think positive. Study whatever you want but when I took my CA nclex it was mostly critical thinking and prioritizing. So I am not sure studying can help you with that just remember your disease processes and slow down think of each scenario like one of your nursing instructors would. And just relax, I know this is not an exact science of advice but maybe it will help.

Is there an online course you can take? I know I am re-entering nursing after 6 years out for my kids. I am reviewing on my own and taking CE classes at places like Advance and Nursing2008.

Give yourself time to review and buy a NCLEX prep workbook and go over it. You can even take one of the NCLEX prep tests to see where your weak points are.

Lastly, believe in yourself. You did graduate a PN program. You have the basics you need to pass. You just need to brush up.

Want to welcome you to the site and suggest that you try Suzanne's study plan. You can find out about it by reading the stickies at the top of the forum.

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