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I am moving to nashville from a small rural area of ohio soon. There is a difference in the cost of living, so i have spent over an hour trying to find an average for nursing wages in the area or heck even just the state overall. Anyone live/work in that area can give me a clue? Your assistance would be much app.



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Welcome to Nashville! :D


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I am from Nashville! Enjoy...its a beautiful place to live. Lots to do and see. Very good hospitals as well.

I work in Memphis. It's about $18/hr starting without any night/weekend diffs.


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Man, thats a little less than here, i am caught offgaurd

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Originally posted by charissa

Man, thats a little less than here, i am caught offgaurd

Well, I am from Memphis too, and I am only a student, but I *think* pay here is a good bit higher than the other poster stated. I just saw the new pay scale for LPNs here, and they are making right at $18/hr. I am pretty darn sure RNs are making more than that by a good bit.


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I live in the Nashville-area; I don't know what hospital-based nurses are making since I have been out of the hospital since 1993; I am a case manager, and the average salary range for CMs is 45-52K. I know agency nurses are commanding $35-40/hour, so I would think $20/hour would be the average in the hospital; you might get online with the local newspaper, The Tennessean at and look in the health care employment section.

Again, welcome to TN!



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I live in a city in between Nashville and Memphis and I have friends who work in a hospital , LPN , making 11.00/ hour.

I made 12.00/hour working in a LTC facility as a LPN. I do know that the bigger cities do pay more.

Welcome to TN!!! It is a wonderful place to live............


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