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Okay so, maybe I'm stupid... I'm in a nursing program and we are done with our skills bag. So I wanted to see if I stick myself and get a vein, like you would starting an IV. Well I choose my hand and tied the band around my write and stuck, well needless to stay I can hit a vein. But I forgot to untie the band and blood would not stop coming out of my hand, until I untied it. So now there is a knot where i stuck my hand at and it feels a little cold. Just wondering what I should do..and is there anything I can do to prevent bruising so I wil lot have to be asked what happened

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We cannot offer medical advice per the TOS. If you are concerned you need to seek treatment. Best of luck.


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Just looking for opinions, or suggestions...

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Just looking for opinions, or suggestions...

If we offered opinions or suggestions, that would constitute medical advice. We can't do that.

Are you an LPN already and bridging to an RN program? Or are you in an LPN program? Just asking because of your user name.

Hope your hand is better. If not, should get it looked at by someone. Good luck.

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As mentioned we can not offer any medical advice as per the Terms of Service of the site. Please speak to your PCP or someone in your nursing program

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