I'm applying for Panola College but I have to apply to Texas Board of Nursing first. When I go to the site I am all confused I do not know where the application is I have to submit. Now the problem is I was arrested in 2004 and they say I have to go before the board first before I can even apply for their clinical program. I am freaking out because they said the list is really long and its best to submit it before it is time to apply for clinicals. I am trying to submit my application six months early so that when it is time for me to apply it will be out the way. If you have any experience with this PLEASE help me get thru this. I am 3 classes away from applying and really am trying to get this done without a hitch/hiccup on my end. Please send me any intel you have it will be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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Call the BON and talk to a human being. This (criminal background checks for nursing students) is a fairly recent requirement, so there may not be any clearly defined FAQs on the website.

Best of luck to you on your educational journey


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We had to pass the background check before once we were accepted to NS, mostly just to prevent wasted time if we couldn't get a license in the end, anyway.

I agree, call someone. I didn't have anything on my record, but I know people who did had to go ahead and fill out a declaratory order.