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hi i have to take a teas test before i can apply to the nursing program. im freaking out because i havent done any pre reqs because they dont require it. i looked online for sample test and done really bad it seems like what there asking me is things i should be learning in school or stuff i learned in high school (which was over 13 years ago) is there any advice on what science stuff to study, what material i should use, and any other info that could me.... tia....

Take a deep breath, don't freak out. Are you scheduled to take the test yet? I'm sure you have time to study. There are several free study guides and pretest websites out there. Also, ATI-who gives the test, makes a great study guide book. If you don't want to shell out the money then I recommend checking your local library, the school's library, or ask anyone else you personally know who has gone thru the nursing program for their study material. Study, study, study! Know where your weakness is and start from there. I wish you luck and I'm sure when your time comes to take the test you will do just fine.


You're right. Teas is really about the basic knowledge you learned from high school and first 2 years of college. You really have to review and go back to basic . If you purchase the reviewer they recommend from ati plus the practice exam- I think you will be fine. Why don't you study the reviewer Teas V manual- the reading, grammar and math. Do a lot of practice exam especially for math- you want to be fast- learn some tricks that will lead you to the answer right away. The math part is basic math but the critical part is the TIME. Reading part- the teas v manual will really help you big time- but you have to practice doing the test and time yourself.

Science- my advice is read the teas v manual BUT since science part is toooo broad - you need other sources. YouTube - khan academy is great help for me . Reviewer for anatomy and physiology- but just follow whatever the teas v manual covers. For example- the reviewer covers about mitosis and meiosis but it's not compete. So after reading the teas v manual - go read more details about it from other book or if your a visual learner- YouTube helps you understand. Punnet square- know it by heart coz they will ask different style of questions. Scientific method- if you understand the steps - that's good- but try to apply it to the real world- coz they are going to give some scenario. This was my weakness but I figure out anyway. Try to understand - interphase - by heart!!!!! The functions of the cells, organelles, and all the systems in the body.

For the science part- what I did- after I read the teas manual-look at the table of contents for science and use it AGAIN as a guide for you but this time- it's either you use YouTube or another book. This one really helped me a lot!!! My score went up from 77 to 89 for science.

Reading and math- teas v Manual is pretty good.

Grammar- I think teas v manul is good but for me I have to rent some books at the library. For the grammar part- my big advice is know the rules for punctuations and know what is adjective, adverb , nown, pronown- I tell you- it may sound very easy at first but I swear , their very good on tricking the test takers. However- if you MEMORIZE the rules for grammars - just follow whatever the reviewer covers - this will really help you.

Lastly, practice practice practice- no matter what- practice and time yourself - this will really help your brain prepare. No matter how good you are- if you don't practice - it wil pull down your grade. When I first took the exam- I did not practice at all because for me- I really don't need to practice - but I was totally wrong!!!pleade don't repeat this mistake.

So go ahead and start studying:) you can do it. Never give up!!!

Goodluck to you. If you have questions - don't hesitate to ask me:)

I would get the TEAS V study guide.

The school I'm applying to is direct admission. I've been out of (high school) for 11 years. I'll have had 2 weeks to study by the time I take my test next week, and so far I've found the study guide to be a very helpful re-fresher. If there's an area that I'm not doing so well in after doing the practice problems, I google to either learn more, or in math, google practice problems until I'm comfortable.

I've read that you should do a practice test first to see your areas of weakness so you know where to focus your attention, and then do another practice test.

I agree about not putting out the money to out right buy the book. If you can't find it at your library, Amazon has a rent option which is cheaper than buying new or used.

Take a deep breath and calm yourself. It's alot to take in for sure. I haven't taken the test yet but I will in August ish. Like others have said use the ati study guide book and go on YouTube or Google for extra help. Science is definitely a subject to do outside research on. I agree with the other poster that grammar may need some research aswell because l am doing that. Math will require lots of practicing to familiarize yourself but it's not too bad. There's this site testprepreview.com for the teas and it has quizzes for you to work on. I liked using the site for quizzing.