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hi everyone!i took my nclexRN last nov. 4th...and i found out today that i ddint pass.because i ddnt find my name in the site.i dont want to do the PVT..Is there any possbility that ill still pass?is there any delays for CA resukts on d website.please help me out.im too depressed..this is my 2nd time.and i dont how to start all over agian if i failed now...im still keeping my fingers crossed.and still hoping...thanks everyone!

Not seeing your name doesn't necessarily mean you didn't pass. The updates don't seem to be consistent on the CA BON and since it's still early, the pvt is probably the closest thing to quick results in California.

Your official results will tell you whether or not you passed. Until you receive them, relax and congratulate yourself for having tested.

Try and do the PVT everyone i know that did it it worked! I'll keep you in prayer!!!

im afraid to do the PVT til now....so how long do u think it will take.until my name posted on d site?if ever i passed.

just check the site when it was last updated.give yourself 2-3 days at most. goodluck!

do they include fri- sundays?...i took it last thurs..so wen is d best tym to check it?

If you took it last week, it should be posted by now. You can wait until this Friday or just wait for your results in the mail.