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Hi everyone! I got a question. I am taking an English class this summer, my eight year old son is going to state championships for baseball in July which will require me to be out of town for a week. I would miss two days of school. Will it be a big deal for me to miss two days? Should I drop the class and just add it to my fall semester? WHAT DO YA'LL THINK?

Thanks, Ali


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Why don't you take the class, and wait until you get the course requirements, and see how many days the professor allows for absences. Maybe you ca ntalk to him/her and explain your situation and see if that helps. If it does'nt work out, you can always drop the class before add/drop. This way at least you tried to get another pre-req out of the way! Just my opinion.........


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Definately talk to the instructor first. He/she may be willing to work with you on this. :)


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Hi there Ali! Hooray for your son :) It's a tough decision seeing as though summer classes are so much more concentrated each session as opposed to a regular semester. 2-3 days of info might be crammed into what would otherwise be 1 day, you know? How strong are you in English? Might you be able to talk to the prof. and explain your situation? Depending on your school, they might be willing to work something out. In my experience, summer session is tough as far as the amt. of info crammed into 7 weeks, however the instructors are more lenient and merciful. That was my experience, surely elsewhere might be different. I would try all you can to keep English class in the summer so you can save the fall/spring sessions for classes with labs or ones that will demand more blood, sweat, and tears !!! GOOD LUCK ALI!!!


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Thanks guys. I will call next week and explain my situation. Hopefully I can do both. It is possible we may not even be gone the whole week It just depends on if he wins or loses. But it would be two days maximum I would miss. Thanks for the advice.



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You may be lucky and have a English professor like mine. He does not take attendance. He really doesn't care if we come to class, as long as we do the reading and hand in our papers.

Good luck.

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Is it possible to take an online or telecourse instead of a face time course? The summer ones always seemed to me a little easier to do anyway.

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