I took my test yesterday and the computer shut off at 75 Q;s (and yes, I wanted to shake it, yell "no" and just answer a few more). I studied for months before taking my boards and took Kaplan's review course. I did thousands of questions, as well as subject review (with questions in Saunders), and felt prepared before I went into the NCLEX. However, after about 10 questions, I panicked. I was unfamiliar with the disease topics I was being given (because I have cared for soooo many patients with acromegaly) and felt awful. I know I got at least 2 route knowledge questions, and I feel that I did not pass my exam. I am waiting, anxiously, but have already marked off the next available date to take the test in my calender. I guess I am just do I prepare the next time? I felt I did everything I could and am lost as to what aspects I left out.....any suggestions anyone????

Don't assume you failed. I recently took the NCLEX-RN. It shut off at 75q's. I was sure I had at least two route knowledge questions (such as signs and symptoms) but I found out that I passed!


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Thanks for letting me know.....congratulations!

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Please do not do one thing to start preparing again. Most come out of the exam feeling the exact way that you do and guess what? They actually pass the exam.

85% chance that you passed it so things are most definitely on your side.

Best of luck to you.

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