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Ok, I really need some advice. I am having a big problem with one of the student's in my class! I am the president of my class and we hold monthly meetings to discuss problems and solutions to the problems. We decide as a group what is going to be done and then once accomplished the issue is DONE!! I have one class officer who feels the need to go above our heads (to the director of the school) and tell her what the problem is after it has already been resolved. This has happened twice now!! :angryfire I am at a loss. I really want to confront her as this is totally wrong!! I am part of a part time program which is 95% people 30+ in age. I thought we were adults at that age!!! Maybe not.


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There's always *one* ... in every class, in every dept., heck, even in every family. :chuckle

From your post it's hard to know exactly what's happening, except that you are perhaps getting (negative?) feedback from the director on the group's problem-solving approaches? If that's the case, maybe you, as president, can ask to meet privately with the director for some additional clarification on your role and his/her expectations.

Otherwise, you might enlist the support of others in the group -- a little group pressure might help this individual see the light.

Involvement in student leadership groups is wonderful experience, but don't let it distract you from the larger task at hand. Good luck to you. :)

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I was (note past tense) president of my NSA. There was one in my group of officers that made the experience so aggravating for me that I felt it best to step down. I have no regrets about that decision. It turned out that the other officers had many of the same issues with this student.

Confront her as a group or individually as you see fit, but don't let it slide or you might grow to dread your service the way I did. Good luck.


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Hold another meeting and restate who is in charge of the decision making and the process of the decisions and the purpose of meetings. She'll know who she is and why the meeting is being held and hopefully get the hint. Like someome else said...there's one in every class. :rolleyes:

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