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HELP! Stressing about chemistry


Hello everyone. The new semester has started, and I am enrolled into an Intro chemistry class. It is intro to chemistry (general, organic, and biological). This class consists of two semesters. I am taking the first part. So far it is stressing me out so much! Professor handed out a math review packet, and I'm like review? I don't even think I ever learned this stuff! I took the Math class that was a prerequisite to this class and passed with a B. but it doesn't seem it was enough. Any tip on how to brush up on my math skills? What did you guys do?

SopranoKris, BSN, RN

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Go to Khan Academy! It's online & free. The chemistry tutorials are fabulous. It got me through Organic Chem :) It's got just about every math & science you'll need on it.

What specifically are you having issues with regarding the math? Maybe we can help?

I just finished Chem myself. It wasn't so bad on the math... My professor did hand out a Math packet, but he prefaced it with the fact that if you can do the packet, there's no other curveballs in the course when it comes to Math. Chemistry is heavy on the conversion factors. How many lbs. Are in a kilo? How many joules make up a calorie? What is the molar mass of sodium hydroxide? How do you isolate for final pressure? If you took Intermediate Algebra, you're prepped. Trust me.

Now, if you honestly do not feel prepped, I would suggest practicing constantly. Homework problems all the time. If you get it wrong, come back to it. Use Khan Academy, which is fantastic for their Chemistry videos.

Honestly, if your Introductory Chemistry is anything like mine, it won't be exceedingly difficult until you get to the end of the course. Organic Chemistry gave a lot of students in my class fits, including myself. It will take some diligence, but it will click eventually.

Hi Goddess9! Thanks for the reply. A lot of other people told me the same thing about chemistry, theres just a lot of practicing that I will have to do. Also, it was an Elementary Algebra that I took. I'm taking Intermediate Algebra next semester. I wish I would of took it before trying to get into Chemistry. But I can't really drop out now, I enrolled into Chemistry during the summer and ended up dropping it in the first week. I wouldn't want to drop it again :no:. Thankfully there is a tutoring center at my school, that I will be utilizing! I'm going to be going there today (and probably everyday). I've also heard of Khan Academy, and forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. Lastly, I hope it will click in like you say it will! Thanks!

Best of luck! Who knows, you might end up enjoying it. ☺

The inorganic part of chem is where the math is. No math in organic chem, at least in the class I took, which was an intro class similar to yours. If you can get through that, you'll be fine.

honestly, it's fairly basic algebra that you'll be using. If you understand how formulas work and some basic rules of algebra, you'll probably be okay. My professor was very good about explaining how to do some things (half-life, for example) without using algebra because he knew some people were weak in that area. You will need algebra for conversion factors, which you'll use in your nursing career.

Like a PP said, Khan Academy is a great resource, and can help you with both math and chem. also going to the tutoring lab if you have one.

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Good day, Itssuzii

Learning dimensional analysis will help you in chemistry as well as when you get to dosage calculations. Watch

for a very good introduction to dimensional analysis.

Thank you.

YouTube & flash cards will be your best friend! I made it out of chem with a B. In a class like this you can't just memorize, you have to really practice. Doing the questions in your book should help you out a lot.