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I just started community college and started taking my pre requisites, however my mother told me that she wants us to move in December. I am 19 and always wanted to leave florida, and the town she wants to move to has a community college with a nursing program in it. But I am concerned about moving after starting my pre-requisites because I don't think my credits would be transferrable to the other school, and don't want to fall behind. Could someone give me their insight about what I should do?

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I would call the potential school, and ask them what they think. I'm not sure why the classes wouldn't transfer if they are the needed classes as the new school.

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Depends on whether or not your current college is accredited or not. In Indiana we have a website that tells us what credits transfer and where.


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Search course equivalency plus the name of the school you want to attend. Hopefully it brings you to the new schools web page where you can check what courses are transferable.

It should have a drop down menu on their website that lets you enter the state you are coming from followed by selecting the exact school. It should provide a side-by-side list of courses they consider equivalent to their own.

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Keep in mind that you may have to establish residency in your new location before becoming eligible for 'in state' &/or 'in district' (community college) tuition. Until then, you will have to be a much higher out-of-state rate. In my state, this requires 12 months.

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Good day, TIffany1579:

Aside from residency issues, if your current school is nationally accredited (avoid any and all schools that are not nationally accredited), then you should be ok on transferring credits.

Thank you.

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