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I am planning to relocate to Houston Texas at the end of July/ beginning of Aug. I thought I would have no problem finding a job because I will have my BSN May 5th, a high GPA, and 4 years of hospital experience as a nurse assistant. It seems however the more I look Houston Hospitals all require at least 1 year NURSING experience, which I don't have. I specifically want to work at Texas Childrens and I really don't care how much I make. Will any of these hospitals hire a new BSN grad from out of state with hospital experience but no NURSING experience? HELP!!!!!!!!

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Hi, my wife and I are relocating to Houston as well. She has a BSN and 2 years experience in a mother baby unit so her situation is a little different. She's interviewing at memorial hermann - memorial city and texas woman's in about a week. There is a thread entirely devoted to recently graduated nurses in Houston. It's a year old but looks like it would be very helpful.

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Most of the hospitals only hire new graduates into their internships/residencies, NOT direct to floor. You will want to hunt for the internship openings, which usually happen twice a year - January and June. They get posted usually a few months ahead of when the position actually starts. YOu will miss the June group but you will be here in time to apply for those that are going to open up in January. Start looking for those to post in October. Best of luck.