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Help! Relocating to Cincinnati, OH

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Hello all!

My husband has taken a job in Cincinnati. He is suppose to start in late December, so we only have a short amount of time to move and for me to find a job. I currently work as a RN in a SICU in Indianapolis. I started there as a new grad- 18 months ago. I would LOVE your opinions on nursing in Cincinnati. Especially in terms of quality hospital systems, pay, benefits, etc. Any information will be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am actually from Cincinnati. My mom is a nursing supervisor @ UC hospital and from what I know, they are currently on a hiring freeze. Not to be discouraging, but I hear the jobs are pretty scarce out there. It is a beatiful city though with lots to see and do :)

Hi, I'm from Northern Kentucky, directly across the river from Cincy. I currently work for St Elizabeth, it's a magnet hospital servicing the entire area with 4 hospitals. A couple are within a 10 min drive from the city. I know that we are only hiring new grads who are already within the hospital system but there may be openings for RN's with experience. I have heard that several of the hospitals in the area are only hiring BSN nurses... such as Children's and Christ. Another good place to start would be Good Samaritan (a part of TriHealth). I went to school there and it is a great place. You can PM me if you have any further questions. Good Luck with the job search.

You could also check out the Mercy Hospitals and West Chester Medical Center.

Miami Valley is hiring although it is in Dayton. It may be an 45 min to hour drive but may be worth a try.