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Hello, I am new here and I really need your help and advise when it comes to filing for my nursing application.

I have recently submitted my application to NNAS and I am waiting for my application to be completed. I have read and researched on how to get accreditation and the next step is for me to apply in CRNBC. One of the requirements i found is to take a SEC assessment. Now, Where do I apply for this, Where should I review for this assessment and how would I know if the School in BC is approved in the Yukon?

I am honestly kind of lost and unfortunately don't know where to start.

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You cannot apply to the CRNBC until the NNAS gives you the green light. The CRNBC will tell you if you need to do the SEC, you cannot just do it on your own.

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Until assessed you will not know if SEC is required and usually SEC is done at one approved place as it is a physical assessment where a decision is made as to further courses if required or sit NCLEX.