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Hi there..Thanks for reading my post..I am a nurse from the philippines and currently reviewing for NCLEX..Anyway, I've always been wanting to work in the US but the problem is I don't have relatives there who can back me up..Would it be difficult for me to get a job there?Because a lot of people that I know have aunts and mothers who are nurses in the US who really can really help them and it would be easy for them to be hired there..Right?

Please enlighten me..Thanks a lot..


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adjustments with lifestyle change will be easier when you have family to support and be with u with it but not actually necessary. there are thousands of filipinoes and foreigners who come in USA in search for the American dream without anybody with them. they started with nothing. no friends no money no families. but in a long run, some of them did just fine, some of them did so well, some didnt make it and came back home, some werent really that fortunate. nurses are widely needed in here. as long as you have the proper documentation, you are free to choose wherever you wanted to work (ofcourse consider where your license will take you, i mean where your license is valid) dont worry about not having a relative here. friends arent hard to find. whether u are filipino or from any foreign land, there are lots of people/families who are willing to help. remember that filipinoes are scattered around US. if a hospital will hire you from PI via agency, you will surely have a welcome pack. with it, you will have someone or a grp of people or employee to help you with the first month of stay until you become more independent. pray and smile. be positive. you will do just fine..

i think every February or every feb1996 revolution anniversary in edsa, the POEA conducts an open job market for people who wants to go abroad. better check it out. it is safe and it is almost cheaper than looking for an agent on your own. i have used it twice. been in LONDON and Saudi Arabia AS a NURSE. all expense paid by POEA (from medical to visa to plane fare)! i didnt spend any single penny!

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