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hi guys i took exam in june anfailed for 3rd time at 75 i dont know whats wrong becos i feel so low and my husband as soon as possible af ter45 days of wait...already amonth still my mind is not set ..feeling , no use of studying .i dont get motivativated and focussed i went with confidence and prayer.... really its very very hard to pass ..i used kaplan qtrainer ...lacharity's delegation... saunders i have 4th edition too..i am sruggling for 2 years..the whole day isit at home thinking that i shud start studying but i keep delaying because of theese failure in the exams...i dont have study circle or nearby kaplan centre to study every thing far from my place...i take long time to touch the book, and get destracted able only 25 q&a / depressed to review these...almost tired and sick of this for 3 time...only lucky people can pass??? ...i dont what to study ...and how to pass please guys give me you r valuable suggestions how u all passed...please help me out.. how to motivate self.

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I would not suggest you rush to resit the exam. Take a short break and then set up another study plan and have protected time for study and do not allow others to interfere with it. Start afresh and Saunders and Lacharity's books should be OK. read the rationale to the questions even if you get it right

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