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Help Please!! Psychiatric Care in your country.

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by Thoc_123 Thoc_123 (Member)

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Hi there! I hope that one of you would be kind enough to help me.

I am a nursing student in the United States and I am currently in Psychiatric Nursing. I have a project that is due in the morning and I am at my wits end. Yes I realize this is the last possible moment, but that is an entirely different story. :smackingf

I have to interview someone from another country about the Psychiatric care in that country. Could you help me? It would only take a few minutes of your time.

I just need to know how it works. What is your perception of care? is the care adequate? Who pays for it? If someone is committed to a hospital or institution, is there a stigma attached to them? Are they shunned from society or is help given to them and then they are introduced back into society after a period of time? Anything at all would help me out tremendously. Thank you very much


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Silverdragon102 has 30 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC.

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Although I don't work in that area will certainly give you my scope on things and my experience when I did some further training

National health sevice pays for any care. I don't thing the stigma is as obvious now as years ago as more acceptable and more care is done in the community instead of allocated hospitals. Have not noticed as much shunning in recent years, this I think is because more people or open to mental health issues and media post more either as stories or facts.

From a personal input my best friend went through some really bad times a few years ago and I found the support initially very good for her but over time found that the help wasn't there even when she was having some rough moments. I am sure both her husband, my husband and myself gave her more support than she should have recieved from the community setting

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Clarecartwright has 5 years experience and specializes in General Medicine, Renal and Cardiology.

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Im also happy to help if needed I will be online ost of the evening

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