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Help please! Do florida rns get "paid in sunshine"?


I hear that Florida Ens dont get paid diggidy squat.

I am a 13 year RN FLOAT POOL / ICU PCU .. need $37 per hour to survive. Thanks Guys! :)


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you definitely won't get it in Fl. A relative of mine says in Fl the PICU RN make about $23. The highest is night nurses non ped's about $26. Depending on area your'e looking at a range 20-28


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we get paid in sunshine and oranges :)

it depends also on the level of care and your experience. i have a nurse friend who works heart surgery icu and makes $37/hr on night shift... he's been a nurse for less than 10 years. the other ppl in the unit have been RNs for longer and make more *or so i've been told*

those of us at the bottom of the totem pole who started off at $22 straight out of school (base pay) are making about $29 now with night differential, plus a little extra when we work weekends. :)

good luck!

Do you have a number where I can call you and talk to you ? I swear Im not a stalker or a perv.. thanks. This is real important.

Yup you get paid in sunshine here. Private duty home health pays RN's here $18 an hour.:crying2:


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You may be able to get in the $30 range in places like Miami, Tampa, Orlando and some other south Fl cities. Outside of there you may be out of luck. In my area, RNs at the big hospital are capped at $35 or so. Of course that does not include differential. However, the highest most places will hire you in at is their mid-range. Good luck!

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Please don't give out phone numbers and other private info on the internet!

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