Help! Paraplegic residents wanting to have sex. What are the legal requirements here?

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I desperately need assistance on this one. I am a nurse in a LTC/SNF and we have 2 residents that wish to share a room and be in a relationship. They are both consenting adults, both paraplegic, and the female resident is still of child bearing age. Thus far we have moved their beds together and arranged for a commitment ceremony to take place. However, after the ceremony on Sunday they are wanting to be able to have intercourse. This would require the insertion of a female condom as well as possibly using a hoyer lift to help with positioning. Several of my aides and some of the other nurses are unhappy about the potential level of involvement required from staff in order to accommodate the residents. What are we legally required to do, at minimum, to facilitate the resident's requests?

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No issues if a patient wants to have sex, I'll even make the phone call if necessary  however thats as far as my involvement or that of my staff would go

check with your osbudsman.

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While its certainly their right, I can't fathom a world where it would be nursings role to assist, especially not with a hoyer lift, good god.   What does the DON and Director of Social Services have to say?

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How are you a nurse ?

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I would say you have to provide privacy and thats about it.  If they can't get the parts to go together on their own accord that would be a safety issue and not something OT can really partake in. 

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