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Hi- I posted a questions regarding this same topic in the career forum but haven't received any responses so am wondering if this is a better place to try.

I am finishing an RN program in a few months. Due to the questionable job market and some other personal reasons I am thinking of pursuing either a BSN or MSN soon after I am finished with school. I already have a BA in Psych and an MSEd. I don't think either will give me much leverage in the professional nursing world, but am wondering if they will reduce the number or credits I need for a BSN. It makes me wonder if I should look into a bridge program-RN to MSN instead. I am just not finding enough specific information about online programs. I am wondering if anyone has advice for me or recommendations of schools to look into. Of course an inexpensive option would be great but not sure that exists!



Congrats on your decision to pursue further education in nursing. You ask good questions, but the answer to both questions will depend on the school.

For a BSN program, there will be two primary elements to the curriculum. One is the more advanced nursing content. The second part is the general education (liberal arts) requirements required by that particular College/University. You will likely have met most if not all of those general education requirements that some of your classmates with only an Associate's Degree might not have met.

For the MSN component, this will depend if there are free electives in the MSN program. If so, they you may be able to transfer in one of your MSEd classes. But if that MSN program does not have any electives (and requires only graduate nursing classes), then do not expect a shorter pathway.

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Look into Excelsior RN to MSN. They give credit for previous classes although all their education classes are specific to nursing, they might not be willing to substitute. They will give you credit for your adademic classes though. It is cheap to apply and have them do a transcript review. Then they will tell you what you need to take. I'm in the MSNed now and love it. The classes are well done and relatively cheap. You can email me with specific questions if you like.

Thanks! I will check out their site. I found it difficult to get specific information from their site and will likely have to speak with someone.

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