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Help! Ohio Relicensing

Nic0co Nic0co (New) New

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This is my first time renewing my license. I do not know what to do. I have some CE's. I get them for free at work and can get many more but I am also in school for my BSN. I do not know what counts from my schooling and I can't find anything on the board of nursing page about it. I know I need 24 CE's and 2 must be related to Chapter 4723, ORC and the rules of the Board (Category A).

1 Do CE's from 2015 and 2016 count for my license renewal for this year?

2 Since I am in school, how do I know what counts and how many credit hours are worth how many CE's?

3 Do I still have to have a CE in the category A area if I am in school?

I guess the main problem I am having is that I do not know how much of my schooling counts towards my CE's.


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all of your schooling for nursing counts towards your CEUs and they are good for 2 years. Ohio law has to be in there. You make sure you have them ever 2 years in case you get audited. If no audit then you just renew as usual

RNBearColumbus, ADN

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If this is your first renewal since you first obtained your license, you do NOT need to fulfill the CE requirement this time. But you will need the full 24 CE hours for your renewal in 2019.


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