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Hello Everyone!

Well I'm working on my teaching project this weekend and am having trouble with my Nursing least the "as evidenced by" portion of it...

My project is focused on teaching my client/patient (best friend) how to self-administer a sq medication as a tx for her MS. Thus far, I have come up with the following for a dx for Gordon's Cognitive-Percetual Pattern:

Knowledge Deficit due to lack of experience with injectible medications as evidence by....?

As evidenced by what? Any suggestions here? Perhaps you can come up with something I haven't thought of...

The only thing I can think of evidenced by her stating she's never administered injectible medications before.

Am I missing somethin obvious here and making this harder than it has to be or what? Any input would be welcome, thanks!


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That's great evidence! Sometimes it doesn't take a lot of evidence, especially for knowledge deficit diagnoses.


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Knowledge deficit of self-administration of subcutaneous injectible medication related to lack of exposure as evidenced by verbalization from patient of no prior experience.

That should work...or it could be that you were in the position of the nurse and witnessed the patient injecting the medication incorrectly. Then your R/T would be "improper demonstration" or "improper return demonstration" and AEB would be what you witnessed the patient doing wrong.

Does that help? Good luck!


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Ditto what the other two said. The "as evidenced by" is how you know... if she told you, that's how you know.


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Thanks you guys! I guess it just seems so silly to me...

it's related to the fact that she's never done it and evidenced by the fact that she says she's never done it... and by the way...who's on first. :D

Thanks again!



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Proof is usually in the behavior, or lack of in this case. How aobut ". . . as evidenced by the inability to perform the sq injection."

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hehehhe ainz.......... Oh by the way what is R/T. I might be using my own language here.


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R/T = Related To


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I also like AEB -- "as evidenced by".

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