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Hi everyone!

I graduated in 2006, took the exam in december and got my license in february 2007. i passed the CGFNS in the same year and had a 4 months training in a 276-bed capacity tertiary hospital. After that i worked as a customer service representative coz i felt like it would help me prepare for my IELTS exam which i did pass with a total bond score of 7.5, (no rating of below 7 in any subtest). I also have a dialysis training certificate and IV therapy certificate.

For 1 year and 2 mos i had been nursing a grandmother who had a stroke. I did the following tasks:

*IV insertion

*catheter replacement

*O2 administration

*suctioning of secretions

*V/S monitoring

*medication administration

*NGT feeding

*NGT insertion

*maintaining good/proper hygiene

*ROM exercises

Im eager to find a job coz my aunt who's supporting my grandmother's needs is starting to get broke. I've sent a lot of applications to different agencies but it's either they accept my applications and make me wait for nothing or they tell me straightforward that they cannot accept me for i never worked as a staff nurse in a hospital for at least a year.

Does anybody here know any hospital in australia that hire nurses with the qualifications similar to that of mine?... I submitted an assessment to the Board of Nursing in Queensland. And hopefully i could get the result this month. and would it be possible for me to find someone who could sponsor me or how does everything works?...

i hope that you read my post and take time to give any feedback.




No hospital will consider you until you have been assessed by our new national nurses board, you must contact them. The Queensland board is no longer in existence. It seems from the other forums that you must re apply to the new board for assessment. The new forms must be used with the new requirements. As this is now the law.

Then most likely have to do a coversion/bridging course then apply for employment.

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@ceridwyn thanks for the reply.. yeah i heard about the bridging course but i dont know how it works

@Silverdragon102 sorry im new here.

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Hello nursey2007!

You can browse this thread to have better idea how to be a nurse in OZ and where you should start... This thread is very helpful... :)

thank you.. :)

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