Help me out nurses! What are Jcaho requirements for nursing diagnosis?

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Our hospital says we are required Implement a problem list for each patient using nanda nursing diagnoses because it meets jcaho requirements. I am supposed to be teaching this to our floor but want to know- what jcaho standard requires this? And why can't I find a list of standards online? Wouldn't it benefit jcaho if I had access to what was required without having to pay for it??? Anyway . . . I am trying to defend the need to do more documentation and want to back it up with fact- google is leaving me empty handed. Help me out nurses!

What has your boss said or done to help you with this? What a headache! Sorry I can't help you with this. I would leave it with the bare minimum. Do a care plan on each patient based on their presented diagnoses and the initial nursing assessment. Use an up to date NANDA guide. I worked for a facility one time that had boiler plate care plans that we were required to convert all patient care plans to. Seemed pretty straight-forward to me.

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We just finished accreditation less than a year ago and spent the 2 months before the Joint Commission arrived removing all NANDA terminology from our care plans.

Your hospital should have binders that give all the current standards called the "Comprehensive accreditation manual for hospitals". This includes the new "Patient Centered Communication Standards." Part of this is that care plans cannot use NANDA nursing diagnoses. It turned out that this was still in the pilot phase and while they were glad to see we had done it, we wouldn't loose points for not following it yet, I think it will become required starting in 2012.

The reason for this is that Acurrent focus of the Joint Commission is to improve interdisciplinary communication, and they have found that NANDA terminology is not an effective way to communicate to other disciplines.

as much as I HATE care plans, there they go again making nursing change to suit everyone else!.....

morte said:
as much as I HATE care plans, there they go again making nursing change to suit everyone else!.....

Since when is a nursing care plan meant to be communicated to other disciplines anyway? As long as nursing continues to kowtow to everyone else it is easy to see why there is so much trouble being recognized as a profession. I have never seen a physical therapist communicate their care plan to me, never appears in my field chart.

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The idea is to switch from Nursing's care plans and Physician's care plans and PT/OT's care plans to a patient's care plan; 1 over-all care plan rather than 10, thus "patient centered communication".

This makes little sense to me. The patient doesn't read his care plan. It is showcase only for the most part, but is supposed to be read by nurses, to be followed by nurses. I guess all those classes in nursing school had the wrong idea. Big waste of time.

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