Help! New Grad RN Looking for Work in Bremerton/Silverdale, WA

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Hi, I graduated my ADN program in VA in December 2016, passed NCLEX in February 2017 and will be finishing my BSN program in May 2017. I just found out my partner got orders to Bremerton, WA and we will be moving there end of April. I spoke with someone at Harrison Medical Center and she informed me of the nurse residency program and that the next cycle will start in August - but they only take 14 applicants!

My questions are:

- Coming from out of state, will I even have a chance over local RNs?

- If I don't get accepted into the residency program with CHI at Bremerton or Silverdale, what about the hospital on Bainbridge Island?

- I've gathered it's near impossible for an unmarried new grad civilian to get a job at the Naval hospital - is this true?

I have 5 years experience as a CNA and I currently work for the EFMP program of the Navy as an RN (was CNA for them for 2 years before now). I'm a respite care provider for special needs kids. I'm not active duty Navy, I'm just an independent contractor. I was President of my school's SNA, member of the NSNA, and did my preceptorship in a neuro ICU for 6 weeks. I'm hoping some of this might make up for the fact that I'm coming from out of state, or the fact that they will only accept 14 people?

I'm just trying to look at my options here. I'm not averse to working somewhere I don't love my first year (LTC, home care, etc.), but my goal is to become a travel nurse as soon as possible to help pay off debt, so that's a large reason I want to get hospital experience as well. I'm also curious as to how many applicants there are for these residency programs to get a better idea of my chances.

Thank you so much for your help - ANY information about jobs/applications/anything is greatly appreciated!!


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You might want to stop posting your desire to quit any first position that you might obtain in order to fulfill your dream of travel nursing. Truth is that orientation for any new grad is exhaustive & expensive. Your CNA experience doesn't count.

No facility that I know of wants to pay for your ability to function as a nurse, only to have you jump ship immediately. You seem incredibly unaware of the consequences of your actions on others.

Folks like you are why nursing contracts are becoming more common and RN residency programs are rare.

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Thank you for your insightful response from what sounds to be coming from a very bitter place. I'll clarify what you misunderstood: not once in my post did I state a "desire to quit any first position." In case you're unaware, many travel nurses have a home hospital they stay at the majority of the year and only do 1 or 2 travel assignments annually. Why would I want to "jump ship" immediately at a place that has spent so much time training me, especially if it's a rigorous application process and residency? I wrote a lengthy research paper on residency programs and nurse staffing issues so I am well aware of the reasoning regarding contracts and the concerns some hospitals have about who they choose to employ. I find it curious that you're scolding me on the consequences of my actions when you don't have the slightest idea what my actions are or will be (besides pursuing travel nursing in an effort to pay off debt - how sinister of me).

Thank you for expressing your opinion but as you couldn't seem to answer any of my questions and seem to harbor a lot of bitterness and rudeness towards people genuinely asking for help on a site that is supposed to be centered around helping and supporting other nurses, I'll disregard any further posts from you. I hope your day gets better. - SG

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Hi SG,

I was just curious on how your search has been. I myself am a nursing student and a Navy wife, my husband is in Bangor, WA. I hope to graduate next year and I'm already looking at some of the hospitals you've mentioned in Silverdale and Bremerton as well. My dream is to become either a NICU, or L&D nurse and seeing as they are competitive placements I'm curious how it's going for you? I have friends that have told me it isn't that hard to get jobs on base once you're married if you guys are thinking about that route any time soon. But yeah I have very similar certifications a year of ICU PCT experience, currently on a Med/Surg floor now, going to study abroad in a Pediatric Hospital just trying everything to become more applicable and obviously become a more competent nurse. I wish you the best of luck and hope you're enjoying WA. If you see this anytime please let me know what your experience was like I would love some insight!



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I just wanted to comment because that area is where I would call home. Lived there for 10 years, had 2 children at the naval hospital and one at Harrison in Silverdale. I lived in Port Orchard and did pre reqs for nursing at Olympic CC. Graduated HS in Silverdale. It's such a beautiful area and I miss it all that time.

Anyway, you might have better luck as a new grad working in Tacoma. You'll have a commute. The Naval Hospital from my understanding will require BSN. It could have changed. Some places also give preference to military and military spouses, especially in a huge military town. Anyway congrats on getting you RN and in your move.

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I'd say if you are here you'd stand equal chance as a resident. I'm not sure about applying long distance but it can't hurt.

I don't know about the hospital on Bainbridge. :)

I would consider St Anthony's which is part of the Franciscan system and is just north of Gig Harbor towards Bremerton. It's a very nice hospital. If you want to do L&D or NICU you'd have to drive to Tacoma (about 30 mi from Bremerton) but they have residency programs for all areas of the Birth Center and often hire new grads. There are also residency programs for many other areas.

I don't know anything about the naval hospital sorry.



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Out of curiosity did you find a job in Bremerton? As my wife and I want to move to Bremerton too...