HELP!!!!! Need to know how long FL takes to Authorize to Test!!!

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Hello. I am relocating from Indiana to FL in August. I applied earlier this week ONLINE with the Florida Board of Nurisng for my LPN license and paid the NCLEX fees to Pearson Vue....also ONLINE.

The same day I also had my college send my transcripts to the Florida BON, as it stated to do in the application.

Since I am moving fairly soon, how long does it take to recieve the ATT...on Florida's end?

Am I possibly looking at months or weeks. I am seeing different things in the forums, also these are fairly older ones too...from 2006 and 2005.

Also, I did do my CE courses that Florida requires.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I applied for my pn boards on may 14th, got my ATT on june 3rd. about 3 weeks. the q & a on the FL BON website says they try to have the letters out in 21 days. the max is 30 days.

hope this helps a little

Thanks so much!!! I have been so impatient since I applied. Did you set your date yet?


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yes, i set it for june 12th!!! i hope i pass

You got it in the bag girl!!! You'll pass....keep that positivity up!!!! Thanks so much for the info!!!!


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Felecia, you'll have a FL license before you know it! And so will Bryttani!

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