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I plan to take my Nclex during mid-July. I have been trying to do Kaplan Qbank questions 4 days out of the week but I am burnt out already and I just started studying. Given that I have 4 weeks till my exam how many questions should I do a day? I just took the question trainer 1 yesterday and scored a 49% which is not high. I am lacking motivation and feel like I won't pass. I also have been getting 60% consistently on qbank questions.

I would do 4 q banks a day and a question trainer. I also read an nclex review book that was not Kaplan. I focused on the areas that I struggled in nursing school ...and also the areas that I lacked when I used Kaplan questions. I skimmed the rest .

I read the Kaplan book more for test taking strategies and used the Saunders book for content review and questions. My instructors told me to answer 100 questions a day. I found that to be overwhelming and I got kind of burnt out so I answered 50 a day and tried to stick to the content that I didn't feel as confident. Don't waste your time answering questions on things that you already know.

try saunders q&a and register your book online to evolve..and study your weaknesses but this can take awhile though..u can also try the cd-roms q&a....

i do 50 questions a day or at least 200 questions a week..I am also preparing for Nclex but i do not have ATT yet but I am doing great with saunders comprehensuve review with saunders q&a..and a bit of Kaplan and when traveling F.A. Davis nclex notes...

good luck on your exam..

I did about 40 questions a day once I reached "burn out" mode. The reason I did this because I still had to review the rationales and that takes time because you want to understand why you got an answer wrong. If I felt like doing more questions, I would. Your scores will get better as you go along but if you are burnt out trying to do 100 questions a day, you won't be able to focus on what you're doing.

Thank you al for your advice and words of encouragement. I actually don't have my AT&T either but I hope to nail the NCLEX towards the end of July. I wish you all the best with your nursing endeavors.

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