HELP. Nclex Pn Exam Sat . need help with meds


I am using Prentice Hall Nclex Pn review and seem to be retaining and remembering the content pretty good once I read the chapters and do the questions on the CDs. It is getting close to my exam date. Three days. I do not know the meds as well as I want. The whole year while in school I worked full time working doubles on the weekends to pay bills so I really feel I did not get enough study during the year although I passed with mostly As and Bs. I made a 96% on the NLN test at the end of my LPN program. Most of the time during school I was rushing to cram for tests and home work. I know I will learn the meds as I go on and I do study everyday.

What advice do you have for me to try to do the best on my NCLEX PN exam this Saturday? I am doing lots of questions. Is there a resource I can study from online that lists the most common meds. I was going to make flash cards but if there is a good list that groups the most common drugs in groups to I can at least try to remember what drugs are used for what disorder. I do know some very common ones. I would like to try to remember more of the side effects and what labs values to check on.

I want to feel confident so I can do better when I get there. I see that a lot of people are upset after the test because they feel they did not get enough questions right but do pass. I want to avoid getting nervous while taking the test so I don't bomb.

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