Help..My husband failed the NCLEX twice


Hey husband graduated nursing school in May of this year and he just failed the NCLEX for a second time. I'm surprised he failed because I know he is an intelligent man and it seemed like he did well in school. I do feel like he has studied a little more now than the first time. He is clearly upset but don't know what to really say or do to help him. I am an RN and have been working for three years and offered my help to him for study and he declined..I told him how I studied for boards. I know he did the Saunders practice questions but obviously that hasn't been working for him. This has been very hard and stressful on our new family and I know his manager has been holding a nursing job for him waiting on him to pass but worried about losing that potential position as he is working as a tech now. Any study tips or any kind of advice in this situation is appreciated.


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Have him do a Kaplan course, he knows the material but needs help with picking the right choice I believe.

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He's probably over analyzing the question. So many second guess themselves or read too much into the questions. That darn NCLEX can be tricky especially when you are already stressed.