Help!! Microbiology Vs. Nutrition


Ok, so, here's the deal. Next semester I will have completed all of my pre-reqs EXCEPT for one. The one that I don't finish next semester, I want to take in the summer and it will be between Microbiology and Nutrition. Which one do you guys think would be "easiest" to cram into a summer course? I'm having a hard time deciding myself!


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I think that nutrition is probably an "easier" class overall. At my school microbiology is 5 units and nutrition is only 3. But it really comes down to which one is more interesting to you and that you think will come most naturally. For me it would definitely be microbiology and so Id take that in the summer. Nutrition is not as interesting to me but it could be different for you. Also, I think schools place more importance on micro than nutrition (just a guess). I know it doesnt really answer your question but food for thought :) Good luck


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I would take nutrition in the summer because it doesnt involve a lab and it may be easier for you to do and enjoy the summer. That is just my opinion.


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I took Nutrition over the summer as an online class. i finished it in 10wks. I took in along with another online class (Human Development). Yeah it was a lot of studying but I got A's in both...I'd look into online.


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Take nutrition over the summer, for sure. Microbiology is a lot of work since its 2 classes, lecture and lab. If you can take it online, go for it. I'm doing micro online and its just so much easier. If you have the self-discipline and drive to do online classes that is.


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Thanks, everyone, for your input! Now that I think about it, taking Nutrition during the summer does make a lot more sense. lol.

But thank you!


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Nutrition!...Microbiology is really a big course to take and it needs a lot of time....summer seems like a short period of time to learn all that material..


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I took nutrition over the summer and is was a breeze. I know that you said you were going to take nutrition and I think that is the smart thing.


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Definitely take Nutrition over the summer instead of Micro.