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Help meeeee

by Suppyoooo Suppyoooo (New) New Pre-Student

I'm currently a pre-nursing student finishing up my degree at a local community college in my area. I got accepted to Seattle University's 2-year BSN Nursing program that will start in fall of 2020. My end career goal is to become a CRNA. I would like to do it online, that way I wouldn't have to move away from Seattle. How does this work with clinicals? I know that after I get my BSN I'll need to work for at least 1 year in the ER or ICU. I know some programs require more time working as an RN prior to enrolling in the program. I also want a Masters program that will allow me to get everything done as quickly as possible. Does anyone have any advice, or know of any specific programs that fit my wants? I'm getting older, and want to get my life in order ASAP.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at the world, things (or careers) of quality don’t and can’t happen ASAP. There have been numerous threads on this forum in regards to the path of becoming a CRNA. Simply perform a search. In the meantime, get As in your pre-nursing courses, get As throughout your BSN program, work in a busy, high acuity ICU for 2-3 years absorbing and doing as much as possible, and plan on attending a non-online DNP program, because by the time you’re ready for CRNA school, there will not be any MSN CRNA programs around. Good luck!

Woohoooooo! CONGRATS on being accepted into your BSN program. If you’re wanting quick, online, convenient, and easy... unfortunately crna is most likely not the path for you. The Iom’s recommendation of the DNP degree on top of an already rigorous curriculum has been the recipe for a long and difficult journey. However, if it is something you truly want, nothing can stop you. I can also tell you sacrifice the time and effort and it’s totally worth it. As for now I recommend one step at a time. Complete your BSN and then start working towards landing a job in an ICU. While ER is amazing experience (I did both ICU and ER prior to anesthesia school) ICU is definitely preferred for most schools.

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There are no online CRNA programs. There are some that have the first semester online. Some have a "distance" education program but they require you to be on site at a clinical facility. As a rule, ER experience won't get you in. Sure, there are a few people with ER only that get in; they are the exception. There will be no master degree programs when you are ready to apply. It is good to have goals, but worry more about being a great ICU nurse first.

The only CRNA program that allows you to practice in your local state is Texas Wesleyan University, BUT they do not have a site in WA. If you want to remain as close as possible, the only program in WA is Gonzaga. and Oregon Health Science University is another possible option for you, and they do have some clinical sites in Seattle.

I agree with people above, NO master program will exist by the time you are applying. ER experience is not perfect, and some programs do not take it.

If you want to do online graduate program, Nurse practitioner may be a better option to you.

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I was almost exactly in your shoes a few years ago. I graduated from SU with my BSN and worked as a new grad ICU nurse at a local hospital in the Seattle area. I didn't want to move far from the Seattle area so I applied to both Gonzaga and OHSU. While I got interviews at both- and was waitlisted at one, I did not get in. I ended up broadening the area of where I applied. I ended up moving away from my family to follow my dreams. I am in one of the last master's program available in the country, as they all transition to DNP/DNAP in 2021. The specifics of what you want won't exist by the time you get out of your BSN, nor do they don't exist now. And honestly both Gonzaga and OHSU seem to like more experience than just one year, and neither consider ED experience. Gonzaga requires the CCRN, which you will just barely be eligible to sit for at one year of practice.

I get where you are coming from. I am older compared to many of my classmates. I have a house and family and want to feel settled so I can get on with my life. So you will need to decide if being a CRNA is worth the sacrifices you'll have to make to complete it. If the answer to that is yes-then adjust your goals. Get As in your BSN classes. I would suggest requesting an ICU in your 6th quarter clinical, one that will hire you as a new grad. (Harborview Neuro has been known to do that as well as UW medical cardiac ICU) and go from there.

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As there will not be any Master's programs by the time you are ready to apply, you need to look elsewhere and develop a new plan. I urge you in the strongest terms possible, to not try to go to CRNA after just one year of ICU experience. Do your best to get a strong base and give yourself the best shot at long term success in the profession.