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Hey guys. I returned to my final year in college two wks ago. finding it hard to balance work, study, family....! when i try to study i seem to get so lost and so frustrated as i don't know where to begin!!!!

Does anyone out there have any advice to give me to help me prioritise what i need to learn and how to study!!!!

really appreciated.....

road runner2003

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G'day duff! I have relied on a variety of study methods. Study planners can be helpful. If I wrote out a schedule I was more likely to follow planned study times. I was able to plan other things around my study time too. :)


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Find your preferred medium and try to do as much of your work as you can on that medium IE if you do best with hands on find extra things to do to get your hands on if you read from a book to learn time your studies to give you ample time away between reading if you prefer learing online get everything you can transferred to disc or find sites and study on line. One of my problems was when reading from a book I would get tired and sleepy but I could sit in front of my computer for hours and read and take notes by copy paste method etc.


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I too agree you should work from a list to help you stay focused and give you a sense of accomplishment. Your work and family know by now your school work is important to you but you need to re-affirm that to yourself. 1) Make sure you remind yourself why you are doing this, what is the prize. If you can re-focus your attention on why you are doing this the obstacles along the way won't be so hard for you. 2) Tell people you need their help and understanding, more quiet time so you can study. 3) If you are having trouble understanding the material ask more questions, get in a study group, talk to your teachers. 4) If you just need a good kick in the seat of the pants, take out a piece of paper and write down the sacrafices others have made so far so that you can make it. Reflect on that for a moment, then vow to give it your best.

You can do it, so believe it, and get to it!


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A great way to learn what needs to be a priority and how to study for a class is to speak directly with your professor. Make an appointment and disscuss effective ways to study for the content for that particular class. All instructors differ a bit on what they feel is important but I've found that talking to them about strategies to learning really helps. Also ask them if they have any old exams you can look at to get an idea of what the exams will be like.;)


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thanks guys...... good advice!!!

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