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ok, im 20. next year i plan to go to university to get my degree in psychiatric nursing. i would love to have any feedback from anyone about how they like nursing, any tips, etc. be completely honest with me, good or bad. id prefer to know the truth now rather then find out the bad later.

thanks so much!!!!

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Welcome Shorty:

Take the time to read all the previous posts in this thread....or do a search (button located next to logo above) for a specific concern. There is a wealth of wisdom already posted here.

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I would not do it.

Nursing is hard no matter what type of nursing that you go into.

There are so many other things that a young person can do. I would not set yourself up in a career that is not really going anywhere. Look at all your options before you decide. Volenteer at the local hospital. Work as a nursing assistant. Just be really sure that you can do this before you sink the time and money that it is going to take into getting through nursing school


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I love being a nurse, yes, it is a backbreaking, heartwrenching and many times (mostly) unappreciated. It is so awesome to watch someone get well who you didn't think was gonna make it but so painful to let the ones go that you thought would. The hours stink, the pay could be better, we are always understaffed and overworked, but I would not trade it for anything.


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I agree, read the posts here. Do a search. There is one particular forum that's called "Would you recommend Nursing as a career?" Read that one.


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I'd recommend you job shadow a nurse for a shift or two -- perhaps in psych and med-surg to give you a glimpse into what nursing is. Nursing can be rewarding, but it is emotionally and physically extremely tough. Do it if this is what you truly want. If you do not whole-heartedly want to be a nurse, then don't waste your time/money/effort/heart -- follow your heart (and instincts. )

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