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Help Me Study For Nclex

Hi guys...I am studying for NCLEX and taking it in a few weeks. I took the Drexel review course....Anyone heard of it??? and I am also using Saunders. I was an A/B student in nursing school, and always felt confident in my clinicals....but I am soooo nervous about NCLEX. Is it really impossible? Towards the end of the exam, do you feel like you dont know any answers? I am doing pretty good on the questions that I review with, but I do run into things that I just dont know. Is it normal to not know everything? Everyone says priority is such a big thing...I think i'm pretty good with that..but then I heard that on the test, even the priority questions arent clear cut. I heard that its not as easy as ABC.....please help!!!! Any suggestions would be great!!! Thanks! :rotfl: :crying2:

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