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Help on Lawrence Memorial ASN!


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I am interested in applying to the ASN program, but had a few questions...

Does anyone know if they are still accepting students for the Spring 2010 Day division? I know it's rolling admissions, but I didn't know if anyone knew if that section was all filled up.

Also, as for financial aid, can I apply later on in the fall for the spring, or did I miss that boat all together?

Thanks for any advice, it's greatly appreciated!



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Get your application in! I applied in May of 2007, was interviewed in August of 2007, got my acceptance letter in October of 2007, and started in Jan 2008. I did all the financial aid stuff once I was accepted. I will graduate from LM in December 2009!!!

I believe they are still taking applications for spring 2010. I know someone who was recently accepted for this fall so I'm sure they're still taking them for the spring. I would definately get your application in if you're interested because it takes 6-8 weeks for them to go thru the applications. She sent her application in this past May and was interviewed and accepted 8 weeks later. The process is a alot faster than it used to be. Once you're accepted you can do your financial aid stuff then, they're very helpful about that and will guide you thru it all. Good Luck!

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Thanks watersamy!

Very helpful- I'm just nervous about the financial aid. It seems so expensive! But I'll definitely get my application in. Thanks again!

:) Emma


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I was accepted evenings Spring 2010. I was told it is easier to get into night?? I applied in January and was accepted two months later with a choice of Fall or Spring, so there might be room. People also back out last minute sometimes due to money and/or committment. You have to get your financial aid done now, even if you not yet accepted, that is what I did. You can go online to FAFSA and get the school code from LMRC. Good luck. Make sure everything is in your packet or it will hold up your application. :nurse:

I was accepted but still completing prereq courses at Regis and didn't like it.

I really liked LMH and know people that graduated from the program and loved it, but Regis did not impress me.

VERY expensive, problems parking, pretty campus but small and old. The library is like 1950's-I expected a lot more for the cost of tuition. It was also a very long commute for me, so I withdrew my app and am attending another program for my LPN. I'll get back to a BSN Program next year.

Wishing you good luck. As I said, 2 of my friends loved the LMH program.

I am looking into LMH. I am a recent graduate of a LPN program and am looking for some insight. For those of you that got accepted what was you GPA like? How were the instructors and how long was the wait list time.

Thank you


can you tell me about the Lawrence Memorial program? Did you work while you were in the program? What was the workload like? Any feedback would be great. Thanks.


did you end up getting into the program. If so, what is it like?


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This is an intense course, it is my first week. They lay everything out for you though. My GPA was 3.8 at acceptance. They won't look at anyone with a C average eventhough the "accept" applications with a C+ or better. :)


what do you mean GPA? For the basic requirements, the Algebra, Chem, and Bio or any degree you completed before applying? I am confused and, just curious, how do you know what level they accept?


Would love to hear more abt this program? and what pre-reqs are needed to apply to the program? I also thought it was Algebra, Bio and Chemistry

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