Help!!! Kaplan Scores NCLEX-RN. Exam date 4/2/14


Hi. This is my first time here in allnurses. Anyway, I find it so comforting reading the stories of those who successfully passed the dreaded NCLEX RN exam. I took my first Nclex Rn Exam last June 24, 2013 and unfortunately I failed. So I decided to pause for a while and just continue working as a CNA. By the way, I graduated BSN in the philippines last 2011 and been working as a CNA here in america for a year and a half). My co workers keep on pushing me to retake my exam. This time, it was such a relief that Hospital that I'm working will finance my review with kaplan, the ncsbn fee and re-examination fee. I know that kaplan wants us to aim at least 65% in all q trainers (60% for qt's 6 and 7). But it seems like it's so hard to aim that score. Although I finished my q bank with a score of 68%, still I'm struggling in the q trainers. I've read some thread here that pass the nclex with low scores in kaplan qt's and that gives me hope. But there's a lot too who have low scores and ended up failing. Anyway, my scores in kaplan qt's are the following.

Diagnostic Test: 54%

QT's 1: 59%

QT's 2: 51%

QT's 3: 54%

QT's 4: 51%

QT's 5: 53%

QT's 6: 54%

QT's 7: Will take it This Saturday

Readiness Test: 55%

I also answer La Charity's PDA and I score lower 70% and Higher 85%

Any advice? I appreciate all the help. Thank you. ^_^

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hello how was your test???